Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I never got the whole smashing your instrument thing

I couldn't cheer for it or anything, but oh, what a crowd pleaser it has been over the years! Even mild-mannered Fernando Von Arb has done it! And he did it with an AX!!

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Dean said...

Nice review of the show man.

I saw the show in Pittsburgh. You commented on my friends review and pictures on the BX3 forum. My son was on cloud nice when he saw that I got Jeff to sign his bass.

It is hard for my son because all of his friend listen to such crap these days and he actually likes decent stuff.

Jeff (and the other guys as well) we all great and very easy to talk to.

I have only found one other musician that was that nice and approachable and that is Rick Wakeman of Yes. He has personal written to me via e-mail many times and is a great guy as well.

Take care,