Monday, May 18, 2009

er... Happy New Year everybody!

It's like the middle of the year pretty much and in a way it doesn't feel like it! As far as this blog is concerned, it has felt like this: "I guess it's not so bad if I post a couple of months after the new year." Yeah, more like six months! Anyway, it's not that big of a deal. It's not like anyone reads this. :)

So, what's new? Ah! I'm finally going to a concert! It takes place on August 10 at the San Jose State Events Center and is none other than Metal's favorite senior citizens Heaven & Hell! This is exciting because I always wanted to see Sabbath (this is the Mob Rules, Live Evil, Dehumanizer and almost the Heaven And Hell lineup of Sabbath). I'm going by myself because no one wants to go with me. My two good friends who would go live pretty far away. I'm going to stay healthy so I actually make it to the concert unlike last year's Iron Maiden show. I'm more excited about this one because it's close to work and I have a good seat. The SJSU Events Center is a good venue too. I saw the Gypsy Kings there once, and maybe one more concert. In 1999 Maiden was set to play there for their Ed Hunter Tour, and they went as far as setting up the equipment, but it got canceled because Dave Murray broke his pinky the night before in L.A. We had press passes too. Oh well... but yeah! I'm excited. Coheed & Cambria will open. I have one of their CD's and sound like a pretty good progressive rock band. The singer sounds like Geddy Lee!