Thursday, January 18, 2007

So, now we're in 2007

I've spent some time in the past few weeks thinking about what I'm going to do this year, and that includes this blog! I think I'll make it my "all things music" place, rather than just a display of a few things I have.

That will come I'm sure, but for now, let me just share this little gem I got a few weeks ago. This is Iced Earth's Burnt Offerings, but the kicker is that this is the rough mix! I had actually seen one of this up for auction a couple of years ago, but I was too late for it (it ended up selling for like a couple of bucks), so when I saw this one, I couldn't pass it up. I ended up paying a lot more than a couple of bucks, but I'm glad to have it. I've listened to it, and quite honestly, it doesn't sound that rough to me! I still need to compare it to, say, the remastered version. I'm sure I'll find differences then. Maybe this weekend.

Oh! After posting the My Best Concert Experience entry, I read a statement from Jon Schaffer where he almost disowns the Alive In Athens DVD! I see his point, but it's still a good one to have in my opinion. The message was actually from last September, and come to think of it, I haven't really seen this DVD out there that much.

By the way, I found out what Matthew Barlow is doing nowadays. He's a great singer. One of the greatest I think, but if what he's doing is what makes him happy, then that's cool.

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